When body care and wellness research move to an advanced level, embracing the most advanced technologies: Advanced offers paths that go beyond aesthetics, guaranteeing results beyond expectations.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatmenrt | 1h | € 90,00

Air quality is increasingly precarious, and all this kind of pollution definitely affects our skin: a reduction of cellular activity, blood flow problems, loss of skin tone, wrinkles, pale skin. To counter the irreparable damage caused by pollution, which gradually reduces the amount of oxygen at the cellular level. The Hyperbaric Oxygen treatmenrt, provides to skin the energy necessary for cellular metabolic processes, which has a positive impact on health and beauty of face and entire body. The Hyperbaric Oxygen treatmenrt, delivers a flow of pure oxygen hyperbaric high pressure, so as to convey the active ingridients of the serums used in the deepest layers of the epidermis.

Anti-ageing | 1h | € 200,00

10 sessions to be repeated every 15 days combined with a specific cosmetologic treatment With the term “chronological ageing” we are referring to physiological skin deterioration which depends exclusively upon age and the ability of the skin to adapt to environmental changes. This treatment alternates microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy sessions with other photo-rejuvenation ones. This synergy strengthens the connective tissue and makes it more elastic. The brightness and turgidity obtained hinders the skin ageing process on face, neck and décolletage which are often ruined by smoke, stress or excessive exposure to UV rays.

Microdermoabrasion Skin Regeneration | 1h | € 200,00

8 sessions to be repeated every three weeks combined with a specific cosmetologic treatment This method regenerates the skin on face, neck and décolletage as well as inducing a younger, brighter and more toned skin. It stimulates the production of new collagen and improves the skin’s texture, resulting in a substantial reduction in wrinkles and creating a newer and younger look, which thanks to the sessions, improves rapidly over time.

Acne Ligth | 1h | € 200,00

1 session for 10 months in combination with oxygen therapy Acne usually affects young men and women between 15 and 30 years of age, creating a sense of unease. This treatment regularises the production of sebum, stimulating the production of collagen and impeding the formation of scars. The oxygen therapy used in synergy with the laser creates a decongestant anti-bacterial effect, smoothing the appearance of the face.

Refreshing Treatment | 1h | € 200,00

5 sessions to be repeated every 45 days combined with oxygen therapy The aim of the laser treatment is to tone the capillary walls which lose their elasticity. The oxygen therapy promotes cellular respiration, regenerating and renewing the superficial layers of the skin. The result is an improvement in microcirculation, topical reddening is reduced and the capillaries are toned.

Stretch Marks | 1h | € 200,00

10 sessions to be repeated once a month combined with specific cosmetologic treatments. The typically feminine stretch marks appear on a cigarette paper type surface with a dis-harmonious distribution of the collagen fibres. The dermabrasion combined with the oxygen therapy carries the most adequate active principles deep down. Finally, the laser treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen, it improves elasticity and levels skin depressions, increasing the ability to pigment in the whitish areas.

Cellulite Repair | 1h | € 200,00

10 sessions to be repeated once a month combined with specific cosmetologic treatments. Connected to circulatory problems, the most distressing imperfection for women cannot be eliminated with diets or physical exercise. It must be remembered that it worsens over time. The remedy is a cycle of 10 sessions in which laser applications are alternated with microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy treatments. The connective tissue is re-balanced, the blood and lymphatic circulation improved in order to favour metabolic exchanges.


The techniques of the aforementioned treatments in detail:

MECHANICAL MICRODERMABRASION This technique permits an efficacious and profound exfoliation of the skin in a controlled, manual and personal manner, avoiding reddening, grazes and pain. Visibly attenuates age wrinkles, post-acne scars and stretch marks. Skin abrasion, using its invisible crystals of 180 microns (one thousandth of a millimetre), improves the skin and increases blood circulation. Furthermore, it strongly stimulates the production of collagen, and, thanks to the penetration of other active principles necessary for the skin, improves the metabolic functions of the cells.

OXYGEN THERAPY The poor quality of the air reduces the activity of our cells, whilst smog causes irreparable damage. The skin loses tone, elasticity and the first wrinkles appear. The oxygen propelled into the skin reactivates the metabolic processes of the cells, resulting in beneficial effects for the beauty of face and body. It’s a revitalising treatment, which, thanks to the properties of pure oxygen, accelerates the natural cure mechanism. It’s used as an adjuvant in the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines, acne, hair loss, cellulitis, stretch marks, as an alternative to the botulinum toxin and as a revitalising anti-stress treatment via inhalation.

LASER PHOTO-REJUVENATION A non-traumatic technique which “activates” the skin deep down, stimulating the production of new collagen. Thanks to the laser, the wrinkles are lessened, and the lifting effect is guaranteed, without the use of scalpels or surgical instruments. Perfect for those who desire a fast and efficacious intervention. Cosmetic laser photo-rejuvenation is the choice for those who want to improve their skin, either damaged by sun, age or post-acne scarring, without side-effects. It’s used as an adjuvant in the treatment of cellulitis, stretch marks and localised fat.

DEFINITIVE PROGRESSIVE LASER EPILATION This technique is based on selective photothermolysis which attacks the darkest elements of the skin: the hairs, rich in melanin, direct the energy into the hair bulb, provoking its gradual destruction. In order to achieve a perfect depilation, 4-6 monthly sessions are necessary which can vary from a few minutes to around an hour, depending on the area to be treated. During these sessions, the hairs in the anagen (growth) phase are eliminated. The laser technology used is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the American authority which guarantees the safety of that which the body touches or ingests, and offers all the typical advantages of this technology: rapidity, safety, less pain, efficacy and reliability. The intensity of the ray is specific and differs for each person.