Stefano Saccani’s new flagship store in Parma is the most important project carried out by the brand to date. It is destined to become an international benchmark: a brand new store yet replete with the experience of many years. At the same time, symbol and extreme synthesis of the brand itself.

The 1300 square-foot space occupies the first three floors of the historic building which previously housed the city archives. Materials, colours and architecture are all minimalistic in style and are the strong trait d’union which clearly mark the overall view. A global, clear and distinctive design is customized on every floor, depending on the services being offered.

Level 0 is fully dedicated to retail: an exclusive location where an assortment of the most innovative and high quality brands and products can be discovered walking along a seductive path.
Level 1 is the realm of hair care, elegant and unique rooms providing a relaxing experience and a total “look”. Those who love the oriental approach will enjoy the Ofuro room, a private room especially equipped to enable the experience of traditional Japanese hair treatments.
Another private and intimate corner houses the Medical Room
Level 2 is the temple of beauty and wellbeing, a full floor with luxury 8/room spa and exclusive Privé area.

Astonishing architectural details projected in conjunction with Francesco Stefani of International Line become the symbol of the brand philosophy and empathises the global image of the brand itself. Francesca Gotti’s permanent installations perfectly combine with the pureness of modern style in a successful mix between testing art and future. (here is more complicated to explain, I would like to say the Francesca’s installations are artistical project/idea/test which become real and by mixing the past with present and the future become a visible masterpiece)
Monocromatic Off White colour goes in tandem with unfashionable materials like concrete and iron, modern Corian and dark ebony creating a neat liaison which runs throughout the rooms.
The interior expresses its site-specificity most strongly and makes an impressive contrast with the classical façade of the building.

The lower floor is cleverly identified by exact and powerful spaces which create an engaging and dynamic path for the visitor and provide that all-important sense of continual discovery. The product merchandising is different for each brand and carefully designed to maximise the visual impact.
The objective of this project, entirely researched and developed by Stefano Saccani, was to create an endless space, a perfect universal backstage for all and everything - a polished and versatile shop-within-a shop in relation to any aspect.
The space and the units where the cosmetics are housed give a strong dimensional effect due to the differing proportions. The suspended consoles made in Corian all differ in depth, thickness, and length: some are isolated, some close to each other but all in a fluid movement.
A spectacular 7 meter long Corian table hovers from the side wall like an impressive wing: 3 retro-illuminated little mirrors rise up from the table like a white stealth aircraft and highlight a famous animated supersonic concept.
The aerial view of the Corian table faces the hardness of a 7 meter long concrete counter with a clean metallic top; a different location for another international make up brand.
The number 7 is a recurring theme: 7 are the make-up stations, once again containing retro-illuminated mirrors each having a different forms representing differing perspectives of make-up.

Venturing towards the elevator, a display is dedicated to the homeopathic and biologic cosmetic, a cubical cupboard specially equipped with a refrigerating unit to store these special products preserving their pureness and freshness.
Long bookshelves completely cover the adjacent side where the most exclusive fragrances proudly stand.
In the center of the main room, a 7 meter long iron table, formed in a unit, is the surface for temporary sales whilst the counter made in concrete, Corian and steel is especially designed to cater for customized fragrances.
All senses are stimulated along this unconventional route filled with different objects and different materials. In front of the bookshelves two great cubes: one housing the matt black ebony reception desk, the second unveiling the luxury of the most innovative therapeutic cosmetic brands.
Just one colourful mark “invades” this floor: two bright red kaleidoscopes which break up Stefano Saccani’s brand in an aerial game. Installation that is expressive of conceptual and contemporary art where ideas and thoughts exceed the aesthetic result and consolidate Stefano Saccani’s brand identity.

The simple but impressive concrete stairs give access to the first level. At the base of the stairs the perception of movement is provided by the light depression of the floor combined with the white elicoidal wall, creating a powerful yet light impact.
On the stairs, visitors discover the first of the three installations which liven up the store created by the talented Francesca Gotti: Triphase is the name of the first one. 35 original electric meters of the 30’s which house luminous pictures of international architecture, the unquestionable link between the present and the past.
The floor is the temple of hair care, hairstyle and medical treatments, characterized by a soft and comfortable ambiance which offers a warm welcoming feel from room to room.
Stefano Saccani’s priority was to research the purest and most versatile style to stimulate intimacy, entertaining conversations, and an overall easy going feeling. The long corridor invites visitors to promenade, to discover the shampooing room equipped with a huge B&O video to accentuate relaxation during hair detersion. The hair saloon, with its stunning 7 meter teak table supported by two big translucent cubes made in Corian.

Beautiful in contrast, is the wall length off-white library with a dark brown element in the centre that appears to be shoved through the wall. The dynamism provided by the different shapes and colours add energy and force to the overall simple style.
Hidden behind a door, like a treasure, is the OFURO room: an intimate space to enjoy the most traditional Japanese treatments, the sublimation of the most intense feeling of wellbeing.

Bosco 21 is Gotti’s second permanent installation. It is set on the roof, creating the most harmonious and delicate city forest with its 6 white trees plus one copper tree all surrounded by 21 little white birds.

Moving upstairs it’s an experience to behold. The stairs end against an impassable white wall. A neat closure but just move a little closer and the electronic eye will catch your movement and the door silently slips open and invites you to enter.
The style here is minimalistic but shows effortless luxurious soft lighting dancing along the walls nullifying the separation between wall and floor enhancing the feeling of intimacy and comfort.
Doors without handles preserve their pure design and appear to be simply leaning on the walls. The opening of the doors is via a discreet mechanism which is barely visible.
Only the concrete reception desk “breaks” the calm of this floor with its majesty and stark solid appearance.
Here, the artistic side takes the form of a photographic pathway all along the corridors and the spa rooms each of which are projected differently depending on the treatment being performed in them.
35 m2 each, lit up by three differing types of light creating an evocative and multi-faceted shadow.
The floor style goes far beyond the usual concept of a spa, becoming akin to the scenery associated with an ultimate aesthetical evolution. Each room is customized like the most luxurious hotel suite, where the most innovative and effective techniques and treatments are offered.

Doubtless, this make the store a destination, and especially in this case, a store well worth a visit.



Stefano Saccani Shop



Stefano Saccani Shop



Stefano Saccani Shop