Mom to be and Baby

The moment of pregnancy requires a newfound care for your body, able to relieve daily fatigue, giving a desired well-being. Without neglecting that of your child.

Pregnancy Feet Care | 30m | € 40,00

An accurate pedicure, to remove any calluses and give a harmonious shape to the nails; prepare your feet for a lightness treatment, able to eliminate swelling and tiredness. The heavenly final massage, as well as stimulating local circulation, has a nourishing effect thanks to the use of special ointments.

Baby's First Massage | 30m | € 50,00

Your touch is essential for your child, for its growth and development. Strengthening the bond with your baby, through our Baby's First Massage helps to create a moment of serenity. Infant massage has been linked to numerous benefits, including: increased circulation, stimulation of internal organs, reduction of intestinal colic and strengthening of the immune system. The treatment is performed in an environment at ideal temperature and with soft lighting, in order to create comfort. During the massage the parent will assist the operator, in order to learn the main maneuvers, which will be repeated every evening, at home. It is the best way to establish a deep contact with your child.

Floral Mum to be Massage | 1h | € 90,00

The Floral Mum to be Massage assembles a variety of specific massage movements to promote better circulation in the head area, to relieve neck and shoulder tension, as well as a better feeling of well-being. The hair is strong, shiny and invigorated. This treatment is ideal during the entire period of pregnancy.

Post-Birth Treatment | 1h | € 100,00

This treatment focuses its attention on the body of mothers after giving birth. The first lymphatic massage, and the delicate pink treatment afterwards, reinvigorates the muscular tiredness, restoring harmony to the blood circulation. A soothing and energizing aromatherapy treatment helps to relieve the feeling of depression, anxiety and stress of the postpartum period. The treatment ends with the application of phytostimuline based serum, to firm and counter stretch marks.

Anti-cellulite Mum to be Treatment | 1h 30m | € 140,00

It is a delicate and effective treatment for cellulite, to be done even during the entire period of pregnancy. The ruscus, escin, and heather are the substances with a cell-protective action, useful to counteract this imperfection in complete safety. A delicate lymphatic massage helps to eliminate the sense of fatigue and heaviness, as well as explicating a strong relaxing power.

Firming & Anti-cellulite post-pregnancy Treatment | 1h 30m | € 140,00

Now that the baby has arrived, it's time for you to recover your body. A highly effective treatment, which helps to regain shape in a short time. This treatment aims at firming, toning and reducing cellulite. A first experience is the body exfoliation, performed on the body by flat hand, for extraordinary effectiveness. The next hot rinse prepares the skin for Post-Pregnancy Massage, which concentrates the dexterity on the fatty and water retention areas. The treatment ends with the firming serum based on Hypericum Perforatum, a nutritional supplement of the skin with a toning and firming effect.