Institute Experience

Institute Experience manager | 1h 40m | € 160,00

Especially for those who have a frenetic and dynamic lifestyle. an effective answer to obtain renewed energy in a short space of time.

• express face treatment
• re-mineralising hydrotherapy
• deluxe manicure
• shampoo and style

Institute Experience before/after sun | 2h | € 180,00

This ritual is fundamental as a preparation before sun exposure in order to obtain a perfect and even tan. It’s advisable after holidays to keep the skin more hydrated and elastic, thus prolonging the tan.

• spa experience peeling
• deluxe pedicure
• protectif hair treatment
• shampoo and style

Institute Experience for man sport | 2h | € 190,00

Once the wastes of physical exercise have been removed, you will feel light and toned-up with a luminous and elastic skin.

• express beauty face
• body detox starter
• sport massage
• shampoo

Institute Experience for man actif | 1h 40m | € 200,00

All tensions due to overwork will be removed, regaining equilibrium and vitality

• express beauty face
• anti-stress massage
• shampoo

Institute Experience protectif | 2h 30m | € 240,00

Even mature and stressed skins will find new vigour, tone and luminosity, eliminating every trace of tiredness.

• face de-stress treatment
• anti-stress massage
• scalp anti-stress treatment
• shampoo and style

Institute Experience instant beauty | 2h 45m | € 250,00

Maximum pleasure combined with an immediately visible and extraordinary aesthetic effect.

• ogenage hydrotherapy
• express beauty face
• special pedicure
• special manicure
• shampoo and style

Institute Experience detox | 2h 30m | € 250,00

A programme created for those who need to eliminate excess toxins, finding relax and comfort

• face detox treatment
• wrap detox starter
• deluxe pedicure
• detox hair treatment
• shampoo and style

Institute Luxuring Experience | 3h | € 300,00

This programme has been created for those who love luxury and total elegance and who request precise attentions for their body

• sea holistic spa
• scalp relaxing treatment
• shampoo and style