Not a single treatment, but complete experiences in which to take care of face, body and hair, with different formulas depending on your lifestyles.

Institute Experience - Manager | 2h | € 200,00

Specific for those who have a hectic and dynamic lifestyle. an effective response to quickly get renewed energy.

• face treatment express
• remineralizing hydrotherapy
• manicure de luxe
• shampoo and blow-out

Institute Experience - Sportsman | 2h | € 200,00

Eliminate the scoria of physical activity to feel light and toned, with a luminous and elastic skin

• face beauty express
• detox body starter
• shampoo

Institute Experience - Protective | 2h 30m | € 250,00

Even the most mature and stressed skin will find new vigor, tone and brightness, eliminating any trace of tiredness

• face destress treatment
• anti-stress massage
• anti-stress scalp treatment
• shampoo and blow-out

Institute Experience - Detox | 2h 30m | € 250,00

A program designed for those who need to eliminate excess toxins and find relaxation and relief

• face detox treatment
• envelopement starter detox
• pedicure de luxe
• detox hair treatment
• shampoo and blow-out

Institute Experience - Luxury | 2h | € 250,00

This program is designed for those who love comfort and maximum elegance and demand precise attention to their body

• sea olistic spa
• scalp relaxation treatment
• shampoo and blow-out

Institute Experience - Instant Beauty | 2h 45m | € 260,00

Maximum pleasure combined with an immediately visible and extraordinary aesthetic effect

• oxygen hydrotherapy
• face beauty express
• special pedicure
• special manicure
• shampoo and blow-out