If you have time we will be happy to welcome to encompass a taste herbal tea suited to the treatment chosen, the menu of our Organic Bar 30 minutes before treatment


For those who want a sequence of Stefano Saccani 8 Room Day Spa treatments, in order to make the optimum result programmed, we offer the opportunity to custom packages for you. Please inquire at the reception !!!


If they have needs, prepare for you in our essential and elegant style, the gifts for loved ones with the chance to recapitarle for you all over the world, as well as invitations for personalized treatments at the Day Spa and Hair Room


In order to provide the maximum possible as a service organization, please delete or change at least 24 hours before your appointment, to avoid the charge of the service


In our menu Day Spa, we have a rich choice of treatments for the future mothers and their babies, exclusive cosmetics created for them as well as in space Hair Room treatment and hair coloring that do not interfere with the rule of pregnancy.


Please tell in advance if there are health problems or allergies that may interfere with treatment in Day Spa or the Hair Room

Organic bar

We are pleased to offer all our guests, a selection of teas, tea and drinks to complete the well-being achieved with treatments in our SPA. The organic selection is also ideal for those who want to enjoy maximum comfort during hair treatment or during the stay in the Beauty Apothecary.