Hair Institute

Energisant treatment | 30m | € 21,00

Numerous negative influences due to the environment, daily stress, inappropriate care products, accelerated ageing processes, affect the scalp and its normal function. The Energisant treatment lastingly maintains the scalp's balance and results in beautiful, cared for hair.

Sensitive Treatment | 30m | € 21,00

The Sensitive treatment, soothe Various factors such as stress, nutrition and heating air can trigger sensitive reactions. These can be redness, tightness, itchiness and pressure sensitivity.

Normalisante treatment | 30m | € 21,00

Oily hair is a result of an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Damp hair is the result of increased secretion of the sweat glands. The Normalisante treatment, regulates the scalp's functioning and restores its balance.

Soleil treatment | 30m | € 21,00

Devoted sun worshippers subject the hair to considerable stress due to intensive UV-radiation, seawater and wind; the hair becomes more porous and the hair colour fades. With the Soleil treatment, you can benefit from the positive power of the sun, while maintaining your hair's beauty.

Pellicules treatment | 30m | € 21,00

An over-multiplication of microorganisms causes dandruff to develop. The scalp's natural immune system can be weakened by stress or inappropriate care, which in turn can provoke an increase in dandruff. The Pellicules treatment treats this scalp anomaly.

Regenerante treatment | 30m | € 21,00

An increase in hair loss can be caused by many factors: stress, illness, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations or genetic predisposition. With its unique Regenerante treatment care concept, provides everything your hair needs for improved growth, a positive energy boost and optimum support.

Stabilisante treatment | 30m | € 21,00

Fine hair is particularly delicate and suffers greatly, the hair lose springiness, elasticity, volume and substance. The hair becomes limp and instable. The Stabilisante treatment, lastingly improves the hair's stability; the cuticle is intensively restructured.

Vitalisante treatment | 30m | € 21,00

The innumerable sebaceous glands which are connected to hair and scalp produce too much sebum, i.e. hair and scalp are provided with insufficient oil. As a result, the scalp loses its biological balance. The Vitalisante treatment, promote vitality is restored to hair and scalp.

Structure treatment | 30m | € 21,00

The Structure treatment it's special for healthy, shiny hair, full of strength and volume, increases your self-esteem and attractiveness and makes you feel good.

Cheveux Long treatment | 30m | € 21,00

Long hair has always been the epitome of attractiveness, sensuality and luxury. The Cheveux Long treatment, is geared towards the special requirements of long hair and has a targeted effect where it is necessary and where it makes sense.

Refresching Treatmen | 1h | € 55,00

Thanks to purifying action of salicylic acid and, a pure botanical extracts, such as peppermint, oily scalp gradually find its normal balance. With the Refresching Treatment hair became smooth and silky, reestablish it-self in the body and volume.

Volumizing Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

The hair purposes appear off, whithout of volume and opaque. The Volumizing Treatment thanks to the restructuring action of hops, is able to strengthen their structure, making them more resistant and voluminous.

Dermo-Calm Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

With the Dermo-Calm Treatment, sensitive scapl discovery balance and relaxation. A sequence of treatments based rimineralizzing action of pro vitamin b5, and the soothing lavender oil, will eliminate the scalp tension, strengthen from external aggression.

Anti flake Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

Surely the dandruff is a aestheticism which creates particular discomfort. Anti flake Treatment, thanks to balanced zinc action, thwart and prevents its formation, while the juniper berries and tea tree, deveòop an antiseptic action. The dandruff gradually disappears, the hair will become strong and shiny.

Dermo- Purifiant Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

Pruritus, irritation, hair off and lack of volume, are the characteristics of scalp with hyperhidrosis. The Dermo-Purifiant Treatment contains aloe vera sage that purify, and counter the negative effects of this in aestheticism: chamomile, have a soothing action and antipruritinous onto the scalp.

Nourishing Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

Alternation of hot oils including reconstituent oil of gardenia, have an invigorating action, elasticizing the dry scalp. The hair will find the lost shiny and force. The steam and sweet manual amplify effectiveness and pleasure.

Rebuilder Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

The Rebuilder Treatment moisturizes and strengthens colored hair, tonifing scalp with a sequence of hot oils and active ingredients such as soy protein, which will make them soft, silky, transparencies, very easy to comb and, with egregius volume.

Reinforce Treatment | 1h | € 55,00

The Reinforce Treatment is the special treatment for strengthening hair with double-end. Karitè butter, wheat germ, soy protein, are the secret of this vitality bath. Gestures slow and rose water amplify the effect relaxing and aroma.

Lemon Hair & Scalp Treatmen | 45m | € 60,00

This treatment for oily hair, restores volume and vitality to scalp without dry stems. The Lemon and rosemary possess action revitalizing ¸ The nettle, Equiseto and Saw palmetto, strengthen hair, while the Wood Cedar and Arnica have a sebum-balancing action.

Propoli Hair & Scalp Treatm | 45m | € 60,00

This hair treatment is particularly indicated in cases of scalp with dandruff or desquamation. The active ingredients such as algae Spirulina and Primrose, remove gently the dandruff. The Neem, Basil, Propolis, bring tranquillity to the scalp, while the essential fatty acids of primrose provide lubrication to the scalp.

Neem Hair & Scalp Treatment | 45m | € 60,00

An intensive treatment based hot oil, which contains neem, rosemary, sage and lavender, ideal for dry scalp and squamous. Give scalp clean and soft and hair glossy and full bodied.

Jasmine Hair & Scalp Treatm | 45m | € 60,00

Specifically designed for sensitive scalp and hair fine or normal, Jasmine Hair & Scalp treatment rich in Jojoba, clean gently adding gloss to the hair. Aloe vera, the Arnica, Equiseto, Tussilago fanfara, Urtica dioica, strengthen the hair bulbs. With incredible vivacity hair become shiny, soft and delicately scented.

Rose Intesive Hair & Scalp | 45m | € 60,00

This hair treatment based on Honey, Rosa Canina, karitè butter, repair their hair chemically treated without complain. The Equiseto the Tussilago farfara and Cinnamon, restore strength and force. Rose Intesive Hair & Scalp Treatment, rich in antioxidants, protects hair from air pollution.