Hair Institute

Respecting the type of hair and the characteristics of the scalp, dedicating the right treatments, is the first, important step in your beauty routine.

Volumising Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Volumising Treatment is a treatment that gives tone to floppy hair, minimizes stains on cuticles and gives elasticity and hydration without the use of oils. It restores life and volume to fine hair and is a gentle and surprisingly versatile rejuvenator. At the same time calm and smooth, helping comb and hairstyles.

Anti-pollution Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Many negative influences due to the environment, daily stress, inappropriate care products, accelerated ageing processes, affect the scalp and its normal function. Anti-pollution Treatment lastingly maintains the scalp's balance, making hair beautiful and well-finished.

Sensitive Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Factors, among which stress, nutrition but also the heating air, can cause skin reactions on the scalp, which mainly occur with redness, itching and sensitivity to contact. The Sensitive Treatment aims to mitigate and counteract these skin manifestations.

Sebo Control Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Oily hair is a result of an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Damp hair is the result of increased secretion of the sweat glands. Sebo Control treatment regulates the scalp's functions and restores its balance.

After Sun Hair Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Devoted sun worshippers subject the hair to considerable stress due to intensive UV-radiation, seawater and wind; the hair becomes more porous and the hair colour fades. With the After Sun Hair Treatment, you can benefit from the positive power of the sun, while maintaining your hair's beauty.

Structure Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Structure treatment is a special treatment to have healthy, shiny hair, full of vigor and volume, helps to increase self-esteem and seduction skills, because it makes us feel good.

Anti-Aging Hair Treatment | 30m | € 25,00

Long hair has always covered the idea of seduction, sensuality and elegance in the collective imagination. The Anti Aging Hair Treatment is expressly studied for the peculiar characteristics of long hair and acts in a targeted manner, where and how it is needed.

Anti-flake Treatment | 30m | € 55,00

Surely dandruff is an imperfection that creates particular discomfort. The Anti flake Treatment, thanks to the balanced action of the zinc, contrasts and prevents its formation, while the juniper berries and the tea tree have an antiseptic effect. The dandruff progressively disappears, while the hair becomes strong and shiny.

Detox Scalp Treatment | 30m | € 55,00

Itching, irritation, dull and lacking hair are the characteristics of the scalp with hyperhidrosis. The Detox Scalp Treatment contains aloe vera and sage, which purify and counteract the negative effects of this imperfection; chamomile has a soothing and anti-itching effect on the skin.

Nourishing Treatment | 30m | € 55,00

The alternation of warm oils, including the replenishing gardenia oil, has an invigorating, elasticizing action on dry skin. The hair will find the lost shine and vigor. Steam and sweet dexterity amplify effectiveness and pleasure.

Rebuilding Treatment | 30m | € 55,00

Rebuilding Treatment strengthens and hydrates colored hair, toning the skin with a sequence of warm oils and active ingredients, such as soy proteins, able to make them soft, silky, shiny, extremely docile to comb and extraordinarily voluminous.

Lemon Hair & Scalp Homeopatic Treatment | 30m | € 60,00

This homeopathic treatment for oily hair restores volume and vitality without drying the stems. Lemon and rosemary have a revitalizing action, nettle, horsetail and Saw palmetto strengthen hair, while Cedarwood and Arnica perform a sebum-normalization action.

Propoli Hair & Scalp Homeopatic Treatment | 30m | € 60,00

This homeopathic hair treatment is particularly indicated in cases of scalp with dandruff or desquamation. The active ingredients of Spirulina Algae and Primrose gently eliminate dandruff. Neem, Basil, Propolis calm the scalp, while the essential fatty acids of the primrose provide lubrication to the skin.

Neem Hair & Scalp Ayurvedic Treatment | 30m | € 60,00

An intensive ayurvedic treatment based on warm oil, containing neem, rosemary, sage and lavender, ideal for dry flaky scalp. Leaves the skin clean and soft and the hair shiny and full-bodied.

Jasmine Hair & Scalp Vegan Treatment | 30m | € 60,00

Specifically designed for sensitive skin and fine or normal hair, Jasmine Hair & Scalp treatment is a vegan treatment rich in Jojoba, which gently cleanses, adding shine to the hair. Aloe vera, Arnica, Horsetail, Tussilago fanfare, Urtica dioica, strengthen the hair bulbs. With incredible vivacity, the hair will become shiny, soft and delicately scented.

Rose Intesive Hair & Scalp Organic Treatment | 30m | € 60,00

This organic hair treatment based on Honey, Rosehip, Shea Butter repairs chemically treated hair without weighing it down. Horsetail, Tussilago farfara and Cinnamon restore strength and vigor. Rose Intesive Hair & Scalp Treatment, rich in antioxidants, protects hair from atmospheric pollution.