Barber Institute

The Royal Shave | 1h | € 90,00

The treatment starts with a massage performed by the application of warm sponging, which prepares the skin for greater elasticity. After shaving, a moisturizing mask and desensitizing, gives you a feeling of freshness.

Head Shave Treatment | 1h 30m | € 140,00

Head Shave Treatment, using the traditional method of shaving. This is the only way to have his head completely shaved and long lasting. Sponges warm and a special moisturizing mask, leaving skin smooth and compact head.

Luxury Shave Experience | 2h | € 250,00

Luxury Shave Shaving Experience is luxury for those who need a very special treatment. Use the art of shaving by hand, alternating hot towels, personalized products to meet your needs for a perfect result. The pleasure of this experience is amplified by a toning facial massage. This treatment does not only take a shaving accurate in every detail, but it becomes a pleasure that you will remember for long.



The key to the perfect shave is preparation. If possible, shave after a hot shower or apply on the face before shaving a pre-shave oil to soften the beard and open the pores. Although the shaving cream can be applied with the fingers, a richer foam is obtained by using a good quality shaving brush. Prefer products that ensure good adhesion to the skin to avoid skin irritation. Use a small amount of product, rub with the brush for 2 or three minutes on the skin moist


Pass the blade always in the direction of hair growth. Failure to comply with this rule, is the main cause of the shaving incorrect. Gently slide the razor over the skin, keeping your skin taut. Keep the razor rinsed to avoid soiling of the blade. If necessary during shaving, apply warm water and foam. Repeat the process for the second time if necessary.
After shaving, apply cold water to the face to close pores. In the case of cuts, apply a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture and nourish the skin.

Grooming brush and razor

Rinse and carefully wipe the shaving brush and razor. For shaving brushes should always be allowed to dry naturally, with the bristles down in a suitable stand to prevent infiltration of moisture into the base of the brush. Do not place the shaving brush, still wet in a locked cupboard to prevent formation of mold and bacteria.

Why use a shaving brush

Many brushes are still made entirely by hand using techniques that have not changed for over 100 years. The best shaving brushes are still full of bristles and usually rate for its unique properties. It conserves water and keeps the skin soft, while being strong and durable. A good quality brush will last for many years if properly cared for. The three main characteristics that determine the price of a shaving brush is the size of the handle, the quality of the bristles used and the density of the bristles.

Razor belongs to the oldest tools of mankind. Open razors consist of a blade with tang and a pair of handles. The handle forged and hardened with special care. The quality of steels for razors and continuously improved during the various stages of production. The widths of razors are given in inches. The razor 3 / 4 "blade is closer to 7 / 8" the largest. The widths are more popular in Europe 4 / 8 "and 5 / 8", but for some countries, 6 / 8 "and 7 / 8" are still in demand. The thickness of the back is in proportion to the width of the blade. A rivet in the tang of the razor holds the gesture. In order to maintain its extreme sharpness, the razor must be polished by hand on a leather strap