Beauty Express Institute

Hand express massage | 15m | € 20,00

The hands are used for any activity, it is likely to present themselves stiff and tired. Hands are always to be the most affected by poor circulation. The effect immediately is that they become cold. The Hand Express massage, start with small movements that promote a sense of general well-being. The skin will be soft and perfectly moisturised.

Feet express massage | 20m | € 25,00

After hours and hours spent standing at work, it is easy to feel pain and fatigue to the feet. To remedy this, the ideal solu-tion is the express massage feet, able to put the wings. A must is the sesame oil, with a few drops of sandalwood oil.

Head express massage | 20m | € 25,00

The Express Head massage is particularly recommended because it is known the effectiveness of relaxation, in improving in terms of quality and quantity of hair, relaxation of the scalp, increase memory and concentration due to the relaxation gained.

Legs express massage | 30m | € 40,00

Often the legs are aching with tiredness and fatigue, often contribute to pain, circulation problems. In this respect, nothing is more relaxing massage of Legs Express, thanks to which, the whole body seems to be reborn. The massage involves thousands of nerve endings that, properly stimulated, helping to invigorate the body.

Face express massage | 30m | € 40,00

The face is our business card and often becomes the body part that best shows the stress and fatigue. Eyes and mouth, in case of pain and anxiety, tend to absorb defects favoring contracting and premature aging of the face. Face massage can express feelings of lightness and serenity return, restoring a healthy glow to the face and shiny.

Back express massage | 30m | € 40,00

It 'not uncommon to suffer from back pain, although often we do not know the causes. Moreover, the dorsal part of the body is one that tends to suffer more fatigue and aching, spreading the sense of pain,that is behind the neck. The hot oil and deep progressive manual, will be an effective ally of your health.

Rose express face treatment | 30m | € 40,00

Helps to tone the skin, providing deep hydration. The extract from the properties of rose hips,soothing and anti-edema, provides a sense of immediate well-being. The sesame oil restores the lipid barrier illuminating the color of the face.

Freshness express face treatment | 30m | € 40,00

Cleans, tones and moisturizes the skin deep, with the ancient botanical St. John's wort, known for its soothing and gentle. The Green & White Tea, provide anti-oxidant protection, while the deep cleansing and moisturizing and cleansing all skin types.

Recovery express face treatment | 30m | € 40,00

Soothes and protects the skin, particularly dry and stressed skin, helping to decrease the sensitivity. oil pure olive oil and herbal powder, provide an anti-oxidant, and invigorate the algae.