Beauty Express

Indulge in pleasant moments of beauty in express mode, with limited durations that allow you to enter them between the day's commitments? BEAUTY EXPRESS offers pure wellness solutions in concentrated mode.

Hand express massage | 15m | € 25,00

The hands, subjected to activities of any kind, can often present themselves stiff and tired. As a result of poor circulation, then, they appear cold. Hand express massage is an express massage that starts with small movements that promote a sense of general well-being. The skin will be soft and perfectly hydrated.

Feet express massage | 15m | € 25,00

After hours and hours spent standing, at work, it is easy to feel pain and tiredness on the feet. To remedy this discomfort, the ideal solution is the feet express massage, a short-lasting treatment able to put wings on you. A magic created from sesame oil, with a few drops of sandalwood oil.

Head express massage | 15m | € 25,00

L’Head express massage è un trattamento espresso in grado di creare relax, di migliorare i capelli, sia per la qualità che per la quantità, di decontrarre il cuoio capelluto, incrementare la memoria e la concentrazione per effetto del benessere acquisito.

Legs express massage | 30m | € 40,00

Often the legs are sore from tiredness and fatigue; often, circulation problems contribute to pain. In this regard, nothing is more relaxing than the Legs express massage, thanks to which in a short time the whole organism seems to be reborn. The massage involves thousands of nerve endings that, properly stimulated, help to invigorate the body.

Face express massage | 30m | € 40,00

The face is our business card and often also becomes the part of the body that best highlights stress and fatigue. Eyes and mouths, in case of anxieties and pains, tend to absorb defects by contracting and favoring a premature aging of the face. The Face express massage can give back sensations of lightness and serenity, giving back to the face a healthy and shiny complexion, in the time of an express treatment.

Back express massage | 30m | € 40,00

It is quite common to suffer from back pain, although often the causes are not known. After all, the dorsal part of the body is the one that tends to suffer exhaustion and to hurt, spreading the sense of pain both at the back and at the neck. The warm oil and the progressive depth manual skills of this express treatment will be an effective ally of your well-being.

Freshness express face treatment | 30m | € 40,00

Cleans, tones and hydrates the skin in depth with the ancient San Giovanni botanical herb, known for its soothing and delicate properties. Green & White Tea guarantee an anti-oxidant protection, a deep cleansing and, at the same time, hydration and purification to all skin types. Freshness express face treatment in a short time will give a boost of energy to your face.

Recovery express face treatment | 30m | € 40,00

Recovery express face treatment is an express treatment that calms and protects particularly dry and stressed skin, helping to reduce its sensitivity. Pure olive oil and pulverized olive leaves provide an anti-oxidant protection, while algae reinvigorate.