Ayurveda Institute

Classic Ayurvedic Massage | 1h | € 80,00

The ancient Indian massage Ayurveda, are the foundations on which it bases Ayuvedica medicine: the Sushruta and Charaka Samhita. The Pure Ayurvedic Massage is an ideal treatment for those who want a first approach to this kind of remedy. Oleazione through the body, and manual deep effects depurative get a better blood circulation, a sleep and a balanced intense physical and mental condition.

Shirodhara | 1h | € 100,00

Luke-warm Kama Ayurveda oil is poured delicately over the forehead in a continuous flow with a special rhythmic, undulating movement. This causes a fantastic sense of profound relaxation and interior peace. The Shirodhara treatment is also highly effective for eliminating mental stress and anxiety and for treating insomnia and migraines.

Siro ‘bhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

Head massage is excellent in the morning for delicately relaxing the nervous system and in the evening it releases the day's stress and favours tranquil sleeping. An efficacious treatment that, combined with precious Bringadi oil by Kama Ayurveda, combats hair loss and improves the scalp's circulation to nourish hair bulbs.

Padabhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

This extremely relaxing foot massage makes use of Kama Ayurveda's special oils. It immediately soothes tired feet and through the energy points on the sole of the foot, it harmonises and relaxes the entire body, improves circulation, reduces puffiness and stimulates blood pressure stability.

Pristhabhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

Kama Ayurveda's precious oils are used for this muscle relaxation and revitalisation massage that soothes pain and the tensions of back muscles. The stimulation of the body's energy points promotes the flow of energy, relaxing and reinforcing the nervous system.

Mukhabhyanga | 2h | € 160,00

A real treat for the complexion. An excellent anti-aging treatment. This massage relaxes facial muscles, stimulates microcirculation and lymph flow, to promote the regeneration of a healthier, younger-looking skin. Kama Ayurveda's main secrets, such as the miraculous Kumkumadi fluid, are used in sequence.

Pindasweda | 1h | € 170,00

The heat of the soft sachets (filled with herbs, spices and rice, by Kama Ayurveda) has a catabolic effect, reducing puffiness and dissolving the toxins present in tissues and joints. It favours circulation, has a draining effect, is outstanding as a coadjutant in cellulite treatment and makes the skin healthier.

Udvartana | 2h | € 150,00

The finely ground herbs contained in Ubtan are blended with Kama Ayurveda's precious oils and gently massaged over the skin. This promotes the stimulus of energy flow throughout the body, detoxification and the nourishing of bodily tissues, the activation of the skin's natural metabolism and even improves lymph flow. The Udvartana massage cleans and reduces the skin's texture to make it soft, velvety and glowing.

Abyangam | 4h | € 290,00

The special blends of herb and oils formulated by Kama Ayurveda are heated before being slowly, gently massaged over the skin. The massage relaxes, harmonises, strengthens and profoundly revitalises the entire body, as well as improving lymph flow and stimulating the immune system and calming and strengthening the nervous system.

Ritual Ayurvedic Massage | 8h | € 800,00

Marma points are key energy points located throughout a person's body. This relaxation and stimulation treatment focuses on Marma points using Kama Ayurveda's preparations. The massage techniques employed help release trapped energy. The resulting effect is an exceptional improvement in energy levels throughout the body. It also harmonises and stimulates the function of all the body's organs, strengthens the immune system and activates cellular metabolism.

Imperial Ayurvedic Massage | 12h | € 1.200,00

The Imperial Ayurvedic Massage, was dedicated to the King and Queens in medieval India during the period of Raja and Ragini. The precious oils of Kama Aurveda combined with a complex alchemy of massage techniques and treatment, advancing special vibrations and flow manipulation and enter deeply into the physical and subtle channels, making peace tension and pain. The Imperial Ayurvedic Massage is ideal for those who practice consistently percorsi ayurveda, to effect a total mind body soul.