The Indian wisdom of ancient origins is perfectly expressed in these Ayurvedic treatments, able to combine the well-being of the body with a profound balance of the spirit.

Classic Ayurvedic Massage | 1h | € 80,00

The ancient Indian origins of Ayurveda massage are the foundations on which Ayuvedica medicine is based: the Sushruta and the Charaka Samhita. The Classic Ayurvedic Massage is an ideal treatment for those who want a first approach to this kind of remedy. Through the oleation of the body, and deep dexterity, you will obtain purifying effects, a better blood circulation, an intense sleep and a balanced physical and mental condition.

Shirodhara | 1h | € 100,00

Warm oil is gently poured over the forehead in a continuous flow, by a special rhythmic waving movement. The feeling is that of a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner stillness. Shirodhara treatment is highly effective for eliminating mental stress and anxiety states in the treatment of insomnia and migraines.

Siro ‘bhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

The head massage is great in the morning to gently stretch the nervous system, while in the evening it helps to remove the stress of the day and promotes a peaceful sleep. An effective treatment that counteracts hair loss and improves the circulation of the skin by feeding the bulbs.

Padabhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

This highly relaxing foot massage provides immediate relief to tired feet and, through the energy points arranged in the sole of the foot, harmonizes and relaxes the entire body, improves circulation, reduces swelling and stimulates the stability of blood pressure.

Pristhabhyanga | 1h | € 100,00

This muscle-relaxation and revitalization massage relieves the pain and tensions of the back muscles. Furthermore, stimulation of energy points in the body promotes the flow of energy, stretching and strengthening the nervous system.

Udvartana | 2h | € 150,00

The finely ground herbs of Ubtan blend with precious oils and are gently massaged into the skin. This promotes the stimulation of the flow of energy in the body, the detoxification and nourishment of the body's tissues, the activation of the natural metabolism of the skin and also the improvement of the flow of the lymph. The Udvartana massage cleans and refines the texture of the skin making it soft, velvety and luminous.

Mukhabhyanga | 2h | € 160,00

A real gift for the skin of the face. An excellent anti-aging method. This massage relaxes the muscles of the face, stimulates microcirculation and the flow of lymph, promoting regeneration, for a healthy and younger skin.

Pindasweda | 1h | € 170,00

The warmth of the soft bags (filled with herbs, spices and rice) has a catabolic effect, ie it reduces the swelling and dissolves the toxins present in the tissues and joints. Promotes circulation, has a draining effect, is excellent as an adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite and makes skin healthier.

Abyangam | 2h | € 200,00

The special blends of herbs and oils are heated and slowly massaged into the skin. The massage relaxes, harmonizes, detoxifies, reinforces and deeply revives the whole body. The massage also improves the flow of the lymph and stimulates the immune system, while it calms and strengthens the nervous one.

Ritual Ayurvedic Massage | 8h | € 800,00

Marma points are the key points of energy distributed in the body of the person. This relaxation and stimulation treatment focuses on the Marma points. Massage techniques help release blocked energy. The resulting effect is an exceptional improvement in the energy levels of the whole body. It also harmonizes and stimulates all the functions of the body's organs, strengthens the immune system and activates cell metabolism.

Imperial Ayurvedic Massage | 12h | € 1.200,00

The Imperial Ayurvedic Massage was intended for Kings and Queens in the Indian Middle Ages during the period of Raja and Ragini. The precious oils combined with a complex alchemy of massage techniques and treatments, which promote special vibrations and manipulations, flow and enter deep into the physical and subtle channels, pacifying tensions and pains. The Imperial Ayurvedic Massage is ideal for those who practice Ayurvedic routes consistently, for a total body soul mind effect.