Basic Beauty Institute

Lip Waxing Woman | 5m | € 10,00

A delicate titanium wax removes excess hair gently.

Underarms Waxing Woman | 10m | € 10,00

A specific technique to remove excess hair without irritation for this delicate area.

Bikini line Waxing Woman | 15m | € 15,00

This hair removal more defines this particular area of the woman's body in a natural way.

Arms Waxing Woman | 15m | € 25,00

A gentle hair removal that makes this part of the perfect body, especially in the summer season.

Hair Leg Partial Removal Woman | 20m | € 25,00

Having legs always in order with no superfluous hair is essential for every woman who wants to be perfect

Brazilian Waxing Woman | 20m | € 30,00

The total removal ensures better hygiene and allows for greater skin hydration.

Full Hair Leg Removal Woman | 30m | € 37,00

Smooth and perfectly shaved legs is the dream of every woman to be perfect at all times.

Total Body Waxing Woman | 1h | € 100,00

The total removal gives the woman a smoother and more attractive skin.

Eyebrow Waxing Man | 5m | € 10,00

Often the man has a very messy form, you need to outline the eyes in a natural and not artificial.

Underarms Waxing man | 10m | € 15,00

A specific technique for man to remove excess hair without causing irritation to this sensitive area.

Eyebrow waxing Woman | 10m | € 8,00

Eyebrows are fundamental in the design of the eyes. Getting them always ensures a bright perfect and flawless look.

Chest Waxing man | 20m | € 25,00

The modern aesthetic, invite the man to have a beautiful appearance to be seen only by touch.

Back Waxing man | 20m | € 25,00

Some men have in this area of a messy hair growth, this technique allows you to have a soft skin and a neat appearance.

Brazilian Waxing Man | 20m | € 30,00

Perfect for man who want more definition in this specific area.

Arms Waxing Uomo | 20m | € 30,00

This hair removal is specific for the man who wishes to have perfectly smooth skin for those who practice sports

Legs Waxing Man | 30m | € 45,00

Ideal for man who practice sports such as cycling, avoids irritation due to skin friction during movement.

Full Body Waxing Man | 1h | € 100,00

The total removal of the body of man, allows for greater freshness in the summer as well as a better definition of body shape.

Threading Chin | 5m | € 5,00

This ancient Eastern technique for hair removal was born in the East, to remove excess hair without causing irritation

Lip Threading | 10m | € 10,00

With the simple use of the Persian thread, you can remove the hair in this area, without creating unsightly discolored effects, for the most seductive lips ..

Threading Brow | 15m | € 20,00

The threading is perfect for easily weed out the hair without dangerous rips of these parts of the face, allowing a form naturally perfect.

Threading Remise En Forme | 15m | € 52,00

This three-session program is ideal for educating the shape of the eyebrows.

Threading Full Face | 25m | € 63,00

The threading can be considered a facial treatment because while the wire runs on the face as well as removing unwanted hair, gives a light and gentle massage stimulates the microcirculation.

Applying nail polish | 5m | € 9,00

If the shape of the nail is still in order and you want a touch of color, the application
professional polish is definitely your ally.

French polish application | 10m | € 15,00

If you performed a few days and want to renew the Frenche manicure nail polish,
This service is definitely ideal for you.

Manicure de Beauté | 30m | € 20,00

The manicure is a treatment, which in a few minutes you can highlight the shape of your nails, highlighting the style of the man or woman.

French Manicure | 30m | € 30,00

We are particularly aware of the popularity of the world-renowned French manicure, not only for the typical style of this method, but also for the ability to give a shiny and neat hands.

Manicure de Luxe | 30m | € 37,00

If your hands are particularly dry or you want to get hands enveloping texture, surely this is the service specifically for you. After the shaping of the nails, exfoliation will refine your skin and the final massage completes the treatment, with the application of the cream.

Pedicure de Beauté | 30m | € 30,00

It 'important to take care of your feet and the shape of the nails. The professional treatment for this part of the body is important in order to feel and lightweight.

Pedicure de Luxe | 1h | € 45,00

This treatment is ideal for those who need to sand deep into the sole of the foot, educating the shape of your nails particularly difficult. The relaxing massage
final promotes relaxation and a skin gently softened

Perfection Face | 1h | € 80,00

This basic treatment will remove from the skin surface impurities and dead cells. The ingredients marine stimulate tissue oxygenation. The sweet manual 'massage complete pleasure

Perfection Body | 1h | € 90,00

After this exfoliation the skin becomes deeply clean, oxygenated, smooth and compact. A relaxing massage and moisturizing will leave your body revitalized and radiant.

Hay bath | 1h | € 100,00

This method exploits the action of heat, which in the deepest layers reaches temperatures of 60-65° and the therapeutic properties of the grasses contained in the hay that comes exclusively from Asiago. This interaction performs a stimulating, regulating and draining action for blood circulation, penetrating through the epidermis.

Australian body treatment | 1h | € 110,00

A special treatment that is activated by the 40kg of Australian salt dissolved in the water (ratio 1:14). With substantial draining and toning properties. The alternation between jets of water and air make it efficacious for all those who suffer from cellulite or lymphatic stasis. An outstanding after-sports treatment for athletes.