Hair Water System

Hair Water System

The project Specific Hair Water System has been designed and implemented to allow a fl ow of water purified and revitalized , poured by gravity . The purity of the water reclaimed from Specific Hair Water System , contributes to cooperate and enhance the benefi ts of the various hair treatments . The benefits, tested and proven by a team of researchers , are the result of the technology of a magnet , in contact with the wire of pure silver and the subsequent payment , for gravity and decanting the water in the jug , that returns those properties and effects salutary that the source

Magnetization descaling and application of 'water
And well known that magnetized water has healing properties and revitalizing . The fresh, pure , coming from a mountain stream , is full of "Life." The downstream passage through the ground or into the water supply and its hygienic treatment, with chemicals, they make it lose its peculiar property. The latest scientific research showing that the magnetization of the water creates a soothing and detoxifying effects , ideal as assisted by the type of sensitive skin or suffering from diseases such as dermatitis or eczema.

Purification of water
Already in the last century , it was common to use silver jugs , basins, tanks , water storage , for hygienize. The water supplied by Specific Hair Water System , through the pure silver , it becomes effec tively purified ,significantly reducing the bacterial load

Dechlorifing of water
Specific Hair Water System , through the decanting water considerably lowers the percentage of chlorine dissolved in it,drastically reducing the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions attributable to the aggressiveness of the chlorine on the skin.

Enjoy the water Specific Hair Water System, which will be used each time in the final stage of cleansing hair ; conquer a shiny crown ,a color that will last a long time, a capillary unprecedented softness and texture , as well as the skin feel relaxed and quenched .