Homeopathic and Biologic

The Homeopathic and Biologic treatments allow you to take care of your face and body by using organic active ingredients that respect your health. With a wide selection of vegan treatments.

Homeopatic/Vegan Hands & Nails Treatment | 1h | € 50,00

Pure rose oil is one of the most precious oils that exist in the world. When it is organic, then, it becomes one of the most effective and miraculous oils. This hand and nail treatment, which includes manicure, is a concentrated blend of healing herbs specifically chosen to rehydrate and restructure dry hand skin, and strengthen the nail plate.

Homeopatic/Vegan Feet & Nails Treatment | 1h | € 60,00

A softening treatment for the feet, with peppermint to regenerate the skin, and manuka, to keep the feet healthy. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and calendula, this treatment, which includes pedicure, is ideal for keeping your feet soft and healthy nails.

Homeopatic Manuka Face Treatment | 1h | € 100,00

A gentle treatment based on manuka, bergamot and geranium, specifically combined to treat oily and irritated skin. The essential oils contained reduce inflammation and actively restructure the skin by rebalancing it. It also contains various flower essences to improve the healing process, including the essence of wild apple.

Homeopatic Honey & Jasmine Face Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

A deeply moisturizing treatment to restore elasticity to the skin. Enagra, rose-hips, jasmine and honey are just some of the active ingredients of this wonderful ritual that works effectively and in perfect synergy to give the skin all the hydration it needs.

Homeopatic/Vegan Chamomile Face Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

A gentle treatment for extremely sensitive skin that easily reddens.
It is perfect for gently removing all impurities from the face, without causing irritation.
Contains rose and chamomile, well known for their calming and soothing action. Leaves the skin perfectly protected, soft and well hydrated.

Homeopatic/Vegan Antioxidant Face Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

Thanks to the most advanced research, this powerful treatment works in perfect synergy with the Limphatic Massage, to firm, restructure and regenerate the epidermis. Based on rose-hip (rich in essential fatty acids), carrot (vitamin A) and grapefruit, this program is defined by the most loyal customers "the instant face lifting". It reduces free radicals, wrinkles and lines of expression and repairs the damage caused by the sun.

Homeopatic/Vegan Arnica Body Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

A precious treatment containing organic Jojoba, marigold, St. John's wort, carrot and rose-hip.
It also contains arnica, known for its anti-pain and anti-fatigue properties. Ideal for those who play an intense sport, both as a relaxing and as a preparation for sport.

Homeopatic/Vegan After Sun Repair Body Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

An organic and nourishing body treatment, with a content of natural golden sparks to leave the skin smooth and soft, sensuously bright and luminous. A must for your tan.

Homeopatic/Vegan Cleopatra Body Treatment | 1h | € 120,00

A fabulous treatment with sugar and salt, which removes dead cells and toxins, while deeply moisturizing the skin leaving it soft, clean and perfectly hydrated.
Sugar, honey and rose petals make the skin very shiny, while the delicate aroma of ylang ylang and rose stimulates your senses.

Homeopatic/Vegan Diamond Face Treatment | 1h | € 200,00

A real burst of light and energy for your face. This luxurious treatment tones the skin and illuminates its complexion. With diamond powder, rose hip extract, persian rose and enagra, it immediately restores brightness and radiance.

Biologic Orange Flowers Face Treatment | 1h | € 90,00

Inspired by the virtuous antioxidant properties of orange blossoms, this treatment aims to keep intact and unaltered over time the turgidity of the face from young skin. Lavender has a soothing and protective effect on the skin. Sweet and rebalancing shiatsu skills highlight its effectiveness, as well as providing a positive effect of serenity.

Biologic Ylang Ylang Face Treatment | 1h | € 90,00

This beauty ritual is specific for calming and decongesting acne and sebum-normalizing sebaceous secretions. The essential oil of ylang ylang has an antibacterial and multivitaminic action. A new wellness for the most inflamed skin.

Biologic Rose Face Treatment | 1h | € 90,00

Delicious is the enveloping aroma of this anti-age ceremonial for the skin. The treatment is based on the use of gemmotherapy, which stimulates the cellular metabolism, revitalizes even the most tired skin, with a spectacular effect. Shea butter and rosehip oil deeply nourish the skin, revitalizing it.