Only for Man

A series of treatments dedicated to the beauty of man, able to respond to his beauty needs, and to adapt to his lifestyles.

Collagen Velvet Eye Treatment | 50m | € 80,00

This treatment rehydrates the delicate area around the eyes. Work, the sun, facial expressions inexorably mark this area, filling it with signs and furrows. A delicate cleansing, a delicious peeling, a relaxing massage and a filling mask are the secrets for a visibly relaxed eye contour.

Hydra Source Face Treatment | 1h | € 90,00

A truly moisturizing treatment. Rich in marine active ingredients and vegetable milks, combined with a special mask to combat dehydration, improve the structure of the skin, for a new softness and brightness.

Marine Oxygenating Purity | 1h | € 90,00

A purifying, oxygenating treatment for olivorous skin, stressed by an inappropriate lifestyle. Cosmetics based on seaweed and plant proteins have a detox, purifying and moisturizing effect. The skin becomes luminous, toned and compact.

Cool Marine Face | 1h | € 90,00

This treatment bases its effectiveness on the active ingredients of plant extracts and fresh cells of seaweed. Particularly suitable for delicate, fragile skin. Reduces redness, irritation, as well as having a strong relaxing power.

Flight Recovery | 1h | € 120,00

This treatment effectively fights jet lag and mental fatigue. It restores your senses, and your skin becomes luminous, through a special cosmetic preparation activated by fine sea salt and organic essential oils. The harmonizing massage slowly eliminates fatigue, stress, muscular pain due to tension during the journey. You will get the maximum benefit with a restorative toning foot massage.

Sport detox treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The intense physical training causes the formation of lactic acid to the musculature of the spors man. Sport detox treatment is a luxury treatment designed to meet the specific needs of the man who practices sport. The special marine scrub enriched with organic essential oils of ginger, mint and sandalwood, promotes deep cleansing and revitalizes the skin. A mixture of sesame oil, algae powder, and plant proteins is ideal for a massage that stimulates lymphatic circulation and generates a strong sense of relief to the muscles, as well as highlighting the physical work and invigorating the skin tone. The facial mask and the digito-pressions give a perfect face. Better to combine face and body.