Only for Man Institute

Collagen Velvet Eye Treatment | 50m | € 80,00

This treatment, re-hydrates the delicate area around the eyes. The work, the sun, the facial expressions, inexorably mark this area rich in signs and making furrows. A gentle cleansing, a delicious exfoliation, a moisturizing massage and a mask are the secrets to a filler around the eyes visibly relaxed.

Hydra Source Facial Treatment | 1h | € 90,00

Really moisturizing treatment. Rich in active marine ingredients and vegetal milks combined with a special mask to combat dehydration, improve skin texture, for a new softness and radiance.

Marine Oxygenating Purity | 1h | € 90,00

A purifying treatment, oxygenating for olive skin, stressed by a negative lifestyle. Cosmetics based on seaweed and vegetable proteins play an action detox, cleansing and moisturizing. The skin becomes toned light and compact.

Cool Marine Facial | 1h | € 90,00

This treatment of the assets underlying the efficacy of plant extracts and cells of fresh seaweed. Particularly suitable for delicate skin, fragile. Reduces redness, irritation, other than having a strong power relaxing.

Head Awakening | 1h | € 90,00

Your senses are awakened by the massage and the application of a mask for hair with warm aromatic oils, infused with jasmine, sage and sandalwood. Now you can relax deeply and release all your tension with our massages balancing. Next, you awaken with a massage of the hands and feet, a deep sense of pleasure.

Body Elemnts | 1h 30m | € 120,00

The treatment begins with digito-pressure, to restore balance and reduce tension. A deep and gentle massage, combined with safflower oil nourishes the skin and recreates harmony. The facial massage completes this moment of happiness. A perfect escape to soothe the soul and restore vitality.

Flight Recovery | 2h | € 180,00

This treatment effectively fights jet lag and mental fatigue. It restores your senses and your skin becomes luminous, with a special cosmetic preparation activated, fine sea salt and organic essential oils. The harmonizing massage slowly removes fatigue, stress, muscle aches, tension due to the trip. You will get the maximum benefit with an invigorating massage at the foot restaurateur.

Sport detox treatment | 2h | € 160,00

Intense physical workout causes lactic acid to form in the athlete's muscles. It is preferable to remove it immediately in order to recover suppleness and allow the muscular mass to develop.

Tao of Detox | 2h | € 200,00

Enjoy this luxurious all over body exfoliation, which stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. To follow your body will be wrapped in a warm marine mud enriched with organic essential oils, to intensify the process of purification. I type the pressure by raising the back, neck and shoulder tension. Finally a facial, restore the skin, making peroxide, radiant and luminous.

Serenity Soul | 2h | € 240,00

Your journey begins with the pleasure stone massage therapy. Subsequently a facial, which uses the active substances of algae and organic essential oils will make your skin smooth, toned and radiant. This body treatment will transport you into a state of dream and relaxation, a skin nourished, with a mind free from stress.

Oxygen for man treatment | 2h | € 240,00

Overwork and stress cause an increase in free radicals with a consequent effect of tiredness and early aging. This treatment eliminates all trace of tension from the body, and above all, from the face.

Body Builder Treatment | 2h | € 250,00

A luxurious treatment designed to meet the specific needs of the man who practice sports in particular those engaged in Body Building. The special marine scrub enriched with organic essential oils of ginger, mint and sandalwood, promote a deep cleansing and revitalizing the skin. A mixture of sesame oil, dust, algae, and vegetable protein, is ideal for a massage which stimulates lymphatic circulation and creates a strong sense of relief to the muscles, as well as highlight the physical work and invigorate your skin tone. The face mask and digito-pressures give a perfect face.

Eternity Experience | 2h | € 300,00

Indulge in the ultimate spa with a total experience of the whole body. First, a gentle exfoliation based on coconut and primrose oil to soften skin and restore natural sheen. Massage dissolves tension and stress, leaving a feeling of total relaxation. Your well-being continues with a scalp massage and application of a moisturizing hair mask aromatic, which will restore the shine and luster. The mask made of collagen, designed to replenish and revitalize the skin will rest on your face, while enjoying the pleasure of a lovely manicure and pedicure.