Ancestral Treatment Institute

Muladhara Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 1st Chakra or Muladhara, is the life force that supports the development of our identity throughout its evoluzione.E 'from here originally three energy channels Sushumna, Ida, Pingala. The Muladhara Tibetan Treatment, promotes muscle elasticity, greater emotional and relaxing sleep better.

Svadhistana Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 2nd chakra or Svadhisthana, is' the center from which arise the sexual instincts, impulses deeper, related to creativity as a function of regenerating themselves. Stimulates the material needs related to security, awakens the world of unconscious fantasies of pleasure. The Tibetan Svadhisthana Treatment, generates a strong and lasting sense of relaxation, greater emotional stability and recovery of lost energy.

Manipura Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 3rd Chakra or Manipura is important for creating stability, also connects the bottom to the top so harmonious. Shalila also supports "solar plexus" which is our sun, center of energy, hence absorb solar energy that nourishes our body. Manipur Tibetan Treatment, stimulates metabolism, has beneficial effects on the digestive system.

Anahata Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 4th or Anahata Chakra relates to love than being related to the heart. Promoting understanding of beauty and sensitivity. The Anahat Tibetan Treatment, stimulates the immune system, improves blood circulation and
respiratory system.

Vishuddha Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 5th Chakra or Vishuddha regulates the verbal and nonverbal communication, is the seat of language and communication, but also of hearing voices inner and outer. the Vishuddha Tibetan Treatment, stimulates memory, strengthens the respiratory system and the endocrine system and a more stable mood.

Ajna Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 6th Chakra or Ajna, is the seat of mental faculties. The third eye is associated with the light of awareness that illuminates our inner world, allowing us to tap into this knowledge in Pure. The third eye is the organ of our intuition, our sixth sense. L 'Ajna Tibetan Treatment regulates the nervous system, promotes concentration, free the nasal passages, promotes a better view.

Sahasrara Tibetan Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

The 7th Chakra or Sashasrara, is the highest level of awareness and of the highest human perfection, precisely what is portrayed as a circle of light at the top of the head. Sahasrara Tibetan Treatment, regulates the immune system, has regenerative properties and anti-aging, promotes better sleep.

Yum/Yab Massage | 2h | € 200,00

This massage helps to harmonize and stabilize energy flow of the lung (Chi) in the body to balance the yab (Yang) and yum (yin) internal energy. The tensions are dissipated and the vital energies are gently awakened. The treatment improves the general well-being, leaving your energy harmonized and balanced.

Byzantines Ritual Treatment | 2h | € 200,00

base of Bulgarian rose and wild poppy, this treatment is ideal for sensitive skin. While you are wrapped in a delicate cloud of steam over the warm body, you will receive a delicate and desensitising facial. After the massage completes the well-being, amplifying the pleasure.

Berber Ritual | 2h | € 200,00

Cereals mixed with finely crushed sand of the Sahara and sesame oil are the secret of this body scrub and face. Enjoy the pleasure of feeling your muscles relax, while the fatigue fades away magically and the skin becomes luminescent.

Turkish Olive Oil treatment | 2h | € 200,00

Indulge in a bath moisturizing and aromatic able to tone up your skin, while a soothing scalp massage will make you forget all the tensions. After a massage with olive oil and orange blossom will leave your skin silky, soft and radiant.

Tibetan Sacred River Stone Massage | 2h | € 250,00

The Gui Shi is a treatment described in ancient texts. Are used to treat hot Himalayan river stones, on which is carved the mantra. During the massage act on vital points of the body to remove blockages, allowing a smooth flow of energy throughout the body and lungs. You get harmony, prosperity, and new vital energy.

Teodora turkish treatment | 3h | € 300,00

Inspired by the legendary beauty of Queen Theodora, this treatment uses aromatic oil of rose damask mixed with warm honey, with its fragrance envelops the entire body by exerting a beneficial tonic and stimulant. The skin becomes smooth and compact while the body receives a rejuvenating effect.

Royal Hamam Ritual | 3h | € 300,00

This treatment is inspired by the traditional cleansing Hammam. E 'pure bliss for the mind and body. Start with a deep cleansing, steam and exfoliation through which eliminate impurities and promote a deep relaxation. The facial mask with honey and ginger hair, giving a radiant appearance and amplify the pleasure.

Rassoul Body Treatment | 3h | € 300,00

Through the Rassoul Body Treatment, The blood flow becomes smooth, fresh and harmonious. The vigorous massage combined with argan oil, eliminates toxins and the skin becomes nourished and regenerated at the same time

Ku Nye - Traditional Tibetan Massage | 3h | € 350,00

Ku Nye is the traditional Tibetan massage, has the purpose of putting in a perfect connection with the physical and spiritual. The benefits of rejuvenation and repair are mentioned in many texts of Tibetan medicine. Some advantages include the elimination of toxins, the vitality, the reduction of different types of pain, to calm nervous disorders including insomnia, depression and anxiety. Ku Nye through massage, the elements and the subtle energies of the body are in perfect balance.

Traditional Tibetan Sound Massage | 3h | € 350,00

This type of massage consists of a treatment manual basically run all over the body, which was applied technology Bio-Energy, through a sophisticated and harmonious tissue manipulation restores radiance and firmness to the skin, acts on the muscular system of the treated areas toning because it stimulates a natural and non-invasive lymphatic system. It 'a real treat being made with oils customized for each type of person and Tibetan singing bowls, able to speak on energy blocks, winding up, restoring the correct cell phone vibrate. The effect is obtained with the Traditional Tibetan Sound Massage, is striking: the face is relaxed and rejuvenated, wrinkles are gone, her eyes bright and refreshed, your skin toned and firm and free mind

Ottoman Imperial Ritual | 6h | € 600,00

Is a most exclusive treatment, ideal for those who want maximum comfort and an amazing achievement. The ritual begins with a steam-based essential oils of peppermint, to follow the traditional soap made with the technique of "bubble" will give a pleasant feeling of softness. Following the treatment and face masks to pavaero honey and cardamom, and stir the skin of the face. Argan oil is the basis dell'Ottoman massage. Experience like no other.