THALASSO exploits the incredible properties of marine assets to give the body incredible sensations of beauty and well-being. A real rebirth that comes from water.

Thalasso cryotonic treatment | 1h | € 70,00

The legs need special care and attention. Applying a refreshing gel relaxes the legs, providing relief. A gentle massage increases this feeling of lightness, which will remain with you throughout the day.

Thalasso balneo treatment | 1h | € 80,00

An exceptional source of pleasure! The sea baths, rich in active ingredients, infuse your body with all their benefits. The combination of these suspensions with relaxing, detoxifying, draining, slimming, firming effects, with Thaloassh2o's special hydrotherapeutic technique will meet all your expectations.

Thalasso hot/cold treatment | 1h | € 80,00

This hot / cold treatment combines the action of the Boue Marin Auto-chauffant with that draining of the Cryo-gel exceptionally effective on localized fat areas. The result is visible: skin firmer, softer, more beautiful.

Thalasso firming treatment | 1h | € 80,00

The lack of tonicity can be related to weight gain or pregnancy During this treatment the whole body is wrapped in an invigorating gel, rich in active marine toning ingredients. While this operation expounds its properties, the gentle heat coming from the sea mud applied to the feet will produce a greater general well-being and will amplify, through the reflex points of the plantar vault, the action of the treatment itself. The tone and elasticity of the tissues will be restored and your epidermis will be completely firmer.

Thalasso body wrap treatment | 1h | € 80,00

Your body, immersed in seaweeds rich in marine active ingredients, both in gel and freeze-dried versions, will benefit from detox, slimming, re-mineralizing and firming actions. Your body will find the desired shape also through the use of the special Cromotherm fixture able to activate the properties of these unique treatments.

Thalasso intense moisturizing face treatment | 1h | € 90,00

This treatment for dry skin combines detoxifying and oxygenating actions of the skin with a renewal treatment. By applying the Masque Marin Auto-chauffant you will get a deep detoxification of the skin. The application of various serums, masks, creams and an unforgettable facial massage create a magical combination of treatments with visible results. The perfectly clean skin will become sublime.

Thalasso Australian treatment | 1h | € 110,00

A special treatment that is activated thanks to the 40 kg. of Australian salt dissolved in water (ratio 1:14). It has a strong draining power as well as a tonic one. The alternation of water jets with air makes it effective for those who suffer from cellulite or lymphatic stasis. Excellent as an anti-fatigue for sportsmen.

Thalasso prestige anti-aging face treatment | 1h 30m | € 150,00

It is difficult to resist the perfection of this exceptional treatment for mature skin, an experience that brings harmony to the mind and body like never before. The original technique involves a double exfoliation for a radiant complexion, a hand treatment, a special scalp massage and a combination of 3 masks with high concentrations of marine active ingredients. The skin will simply be splendid.