PRIVE' is the perfect combination of luxury and beauty, when giving yourself well-being becomes an exclusive experience from every point of view.

Privè Polish Face Treatment | 1h | € 150,00

Privè Polish Face Treatment combines three different types of peeling for a luminous, smooth, flawless skin. The final massage and the specific serums make the skin hydrated, elastic and revitalized.

Privè Multivitamin Body Treatment | 1h | € 200,00

A revitalizing body treatment, ideal for skin that is atonic and in need of tone. The Privè Multivitamin Body Treatment, thanks to the combined action of antioxidants and to the deep massage, restores to the body tone and brightness.

Privè Ultra-lift Face Treatment | 1h | € 200,00

The Privè Ultra-Lift Face Treatment exploits the epithelial stimulation properties of EGF, KGF, IGF. Ideal for mature, tired, devitalized skin. Provides the skin with a healthy and compact appearance. The pleasure is amplified by the sweet sequences of the face, neck and shoulders massage, for a global beauty.

Privè Detox Body Treatment | 2h | € 300,00

Ideal for removing flaking cells, the Privé Detox Body Treatment is a body peeling treatment with a draining and detoxifying effect. The clay mask, combined with sea water, removes toxins and impurities. A gentle and enveloping massage precedes a clay mask that contributes to the loss of excess fluids. A delicate friction with thermal plankton restores hydration and well-being to the body.

Privè Purity Body Treatment | 2h | € 300,00

This treatment combines the sweetness of the Polynesian massage with the effectiveness of essential oils. The relaxed, revitalized skin appears in all its splendor, without forgetting the pleasant sensation of having eliminated all forms of tension. Heavenly.

Privè For Man Face & Body Treatment | 2h | € 300,00

A luxurious face and body treatment designed for specific human needs. The ginger and manuka peeling smoothes the skin perfectly, eliminating impurities and toxins. Aloe Vera, incense and rose have a revitalizing, lifting and relaxing action. Chakra massage promotes widespread energy well-being.

Privè Resurfacing Face Treatment | 3h | € 500,00

The Face Treatment Resurfasing Swingers encloses the best technologies such as dermabrasion, IPL and hyperbaric oxygen, united to cosmeceutical biotechnology. Results: sublimated and smooth skin, without wrinkles and blemish. The best for your skin.